So you're having trouble figuring out what the heck to get your significant other (SO). Here are the top 5 ideas that will score you some BIG points this Christmas.

#1 Date Lovers

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Get your date lover something totally tailored for them that you can do together.

Date night Out- Get tickets to an event, concert or activity passes to do something active like golfing or bowling. Oooo or paint night!

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Date night in- get your sparkling beverage of choice, a restaurant gift card with delivery menu, popcorn a movie and a smelly candle.

It really is the thoughtfulness that counts.

#2 Drink Lovers

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Does your significant other single handedly keep the local soda shop open? Don't just get a gift card. Add a few things to make it a thoughtful gift.

Get a really nice refillable drink mug that fits in the car drink holder. Bonus* Most of your local shops will give a discount for refills if you buy the mug from them.

Instagram; @swigdrinks
Instagram; @swigdrinks

Get the makings of your SO's favorite drink. Soda, pump flavorings and any other add-ins to make their drink at home PLUS a gift card to their favorite soda spot.

#3 Homestead or Garden Lovers

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Is your SO a little granola? Here are some ideas that will "plant" some loving feelings. hahahah

Graph paper notebook to plan out the garden and landscaping. Get a really nice pen and some mechanical pencils as well. Maybe even some colored pencils to really make a detailed garden plan.

Get packs of seeds to plant and a storage tin to keep them in. The more antique looking the better!

Then for the final touch......grab something amazing at the farmers market! They always have great local treats and fun gifts that won't break the bank like soaps, jams and sometimes jewelry.

Some great local gifts I picked up at the Cedar City, Utah Farmers Market
Some great local gifts I picked up at the Cedar City, Utah Farmers Market

Farmers Market

#4 Movie Lovers

Ok you know getting tickets to the movies is always a great gift for the one that LOVES to get out and experience a movie in the Theater. Now add a little thoughtfulness..

Denis Raev

Get that refillable mug and popcorn bucket AND a plush blanket and bag to throw all of the goods in. SCORE. Your movie lover will love having a go pack ready for a night out and then the theater will never be too cold again.

#5 The Return Lover

Is your SO going to return whatever you get them anyway? Don't take it personally and just keep the receipts and put them in a little box with a bow to give your SO after you have given them their gifts. But there is more...

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If your SO has a favorite store to shop and a favorite place to eat, then get gift cards and something small like cologne, nail polish, jewelry, socks or a hat to go with it.  Then write a Christmas Card that says you would love to take them to lunch and on a shopping spree for their present. Totally thoughtful win win.

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