Whether you just moved here, or you family has lived here for generations! Let's find out JUST HOW UTAH YOU TRULY ARE! 

Give yourself 1 point for each thing you've done!

1. Been to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

2. Eaten Green Jell-O with carrots in it.

3. Been to Brian Head.

4. Been to a Utah Jazz game.

5. Been inside the Brigham Young winter home.

6. Watched (Even for a little) LDS General Conference.

7. Been to Kanab.

8. Been to Moab.

9. Been to the Sugar Loaf aka Dixie Rock.

10. Eaten at Chuck-A-Rama.

11. Shopped at Harmon's for something you could've bought for way cheaper at Walmart.

12. Got a drink at Swig or one of the other million Soda Shops.

13. Have a preference between Utah or BYU.

14. Been to Lagoon.

15. Swam at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

16. Seen the Great Salt Lake.

17. Been to Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

18. Went to Seminary in high school.

19. Attended "Mutual" or Young Mens / Young Womens

20. Gone to Vegas and just walked the strip.

21. Used Fry Sauce on something OTHER than fries.

22. Drank Fresca.

23. Drank a Caffeine-Free Coke or Pepsi

24. Been to a temple's visitor center.

25. Referred to anyone as "Brother" or "Sister" ex. Brother Smith, Sister Jones.

26. Gone to a grocery store OUT OF STATE and been surprised they sell alcohol there.

27. Had someone tell you that you should "Talk to your bishop" about something you did.

28. Used alternative curse words (Fudge, Frick, Mother Trucker)

29. Been to Zion National Park.

30. Been annoyed when someone pronounced it Zy-ON instead of Zy-IN.

31. Donated clothes, furniture, or toys to the D.I.

32. Given 10% of your income to Tithing (even once).

33. Been to a wedding inside a church on the basketball court.

34. Eaten Funeral Potatoes.

35. Blessed your food in public at a restaurant.

36. Honked at a missionary walking down the street.

37. Had "Home Teachers" inside your house.

38. Known someone who "had a run in" with Ted Bundy.

39. Known someone that named their kid a normal name with NOT NORMAL spelling Example: Braelyyne, Bekkette, Leightynn, Mykennuh.

40. Been to Disneyland more than 5 times.


What's your score??

0-10: You just moved here huh?
10-20: You probably grew up here but weren't Mormon.
20-30: Grew up here. Was mormon. But also drink sometimes.
30-35: Your family has been here for generations huh?
35-40: You're Mormon, family's been here forever, went on a mission/ married in the temple.

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