At this point... EVERYONE has bought something online, right?

Well, have you ever bought something and it showed up a little different than you were expecting? That's EXACTLY what happened to these poor saps! They got something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than what they were expecting, and I'm laughing at their pain!

1. This girl thought she was ordering a 55 inch tv for $9.00! She really ordered a 55 inch MILLIMETER TOY, with the cutest little remote control I've ever seen! 

attachment-typorama 22

SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob lets go of a bamboo stick that falls to the ground as he lifts both hands to his cheeks and smiles a googly-eyed, buck toothed smile.

2. Someone thought they were getting a Michael Myers mask, and instead, received THIS! HAHAHAHAH. It might actually be scarier than what they were expecting!

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You Got Me Lol GIF by BrownSugarApp

3. Tactical Combat boots... For Barbie, apparently. What's awesome is... It says they've sold 990 pairs already! Almost 1,000 people had the same rude awakening when they received their boots!

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Hot Sauce Crying GIF by First We Feast: Hot Ones

4. NO WAY! Apple Airpods on Wish for $9.00? And you receive Airpods big enough to fit Andre the Giant!

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5. ALWAYS CHECK THE DIMENSIONS OF WHAT YOU'RE ORDERING! You may end up with the cutest little refrigerator you've ever seen!

attachment-typorama 26

bike bicycle GIF

6. $20 for a Freddy Krueger mask, and instead you get... Eddie Krueger!

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Schitt's Creek gif. Daniel Levy as David. He stares and listens intently, holding his face in his hands, clearly aghast at what he's hearing. He moves his face away from his hands to continue staring and listening in disbelief and slight disgust.

7. I need a table for my TV to go on... Oh! This one works, and it's only $25.99! WHOOPS!

attachment-typorama 28

Movie gif. Eddie Murphy Sherman Klump of The Nutty Professor looks up wide-eyed in shocked surprise.

8. Once again... Always check your dimensions! This poor kitty is NOT amused!

attachment-typorama 29

not amused elaine benes GIF by HULU

9. Ahhh. Of course, the Hoyl Bible! You can read about Jusus, Naho's Arc, and Moose parting the Red Sea!

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the bible GIF

10. All I need is a little lamp in my room... WELL NOT THAT LITTLE!

attachment-typorama 31

Violin Player GIF

11. Remember the Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020? Well this guy thought he could beat the system and buy it on Wish! AND THAT'S WHAT YOU GET! NOBODY BEATS THE SYSTEM!

attachment-typorama 32

Oh No Poop GIF by Fluffy Friends

12. Just a little Cast-Iron Skillet... Thats so little you can't even cook a full onion in it!

attachment-typorama 33

you cant do that on television nicksplat GIF

13. This scale! But don't step on it unless you weigh under 3 ounces!

attachment-typorama 34

the brady bunch lol GIF by TV Land Classic

14. Imagine proposing with this... What is this?! A ring for ants!? 

attachment-typorama 35

Confused What Is This GIF


attachment-typorama 36

Political gif. Donald Trump leans forward with his hands extended, palms facing as he appears to utter "yuge". Text in all caps, "yuge".

16. My guy was ordering a pair of Yeezy's... Ya know, the shoe? And what showed up was just a LITTLE too big!

attachment-typorama 37

rip off season 3 GIF

17. You order this sweatshirt to make a statement... Once it shows up: THIS NOT THE STATEMENT YOU WANT TO MAKE!

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Eddie Murphy Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live


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