The BEST tacos in all of southern Utah according to Trip Advisor

If you are looking for some great tacos check out this list!

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#3 Cafe Sabor

290 E Saint George Blvd, St. George, UT 84770

Out of 115 reviews they have a 4.0 rating.

They have a Christmas Sale every year and they match your $25 gift card purchases up to $100. It is incredible. So put that in your calendar to remember to get that Black Friday deal. Probably my favorite chips and salsa in town.

The latest review said, "best nachos in town. awesome food awesome service. the waitress even gave my teddy bear his own cup of water. best sweet pork nachos in town. great price."
4 weeks ago- March 2023

#2 Irmita's Casita

95 W 700 S, St. George, UT 84770

Out of 239 reviews they received a 4.5 rating. The latest review said:

"Fantastic find! Fabulously authentic and wonderful! A hidden gem for a first time traveler to St. George! Can’t be beat! Mole amazing!"
Sometimes it's hard to know how good a place is because the reviews are from forever ago. This review is from this month!  April 2023

#1 Angelica's Mexican Grill

101 E. St. George Blvd., St. George, UT 84770

Out of 329 reviews they received a 4.5 rating! Price Range $6-$12

I must agree with this standing. These are some of the best street tacos I have ever eaten. So good and the pricing is competitive. You can get plenty of food for about $10.

If you don't agree with this list make sure you do something about it. We tend to complain online but sometimes we forget to share all of our compliments too. Go do a review or two of your favs online. It helps all of us customers find some great restaurants and it helps your favorite business make some money.

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If you LOVE burgers then I have 6 places in southern Utah that will make your taste-buds super happy. Your recommendations really came through!  I did a burger tour through southern Utah last weekend and it was AWESOME! I went to the top 3 nominated places in Iron County and Washington County from our listeners Cat Country 107.3 (St George) & 94.9 (Cedar City) And everywhere @

Here are the reviews from 3rd to 1st place for each county.

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3rd place in Iron County was Hermie's 294 N Main St, Cedar City, UT

I ordered the Hermie Burger that has 3 patties and several buns. It was huge. 

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It was too much bun for me and I was told to just order without the middle buns next time. There were several recommendations for the Porky Burger and the Jalapeno Burger as well.

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There is a lot of love for this hometown restaurant. We had recommendations for days, just for this stop. Next time I for sure have to try the Jalapeno Burger with Onion Rings for my husband and tots for me. I present the Hermie........Oh and the fries were delish.

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3rd place in Washington County is Street Eats on 1812 W Sunset Blvd #2, St. George, UT


We had the Bourbon Bacon Jam Burger and the Wachos (waffle fry nachos) sooooo good.


So Pretty, So Fast and Sooooooo good.


We didn't get any meat on the fries but that is totally an option. The waffle fries stayed pretty crisp till the end! The house made pickles and arugula on the burger were great! All very good. Cheers to delicious food!


2nd place for Iron County is Pork Belly's Eatery and Catering Co. 565 S Main St, Cedar City, UT


As recommended I ordered the Mountain Burger and is was GINORMOUS.


They didn't skimp on anything. It was loaded with all of the toppings, and came with a side. I ordered 'funeral potatoes' but sadly, they were not like any funeral potatoes I have ever had. No worries though, they had many options to choose from. We also got peach cobbler for dessert and we ate it too fast to take a pic. hahah


Look at that burger! Whoa.


2nd place for Washington County is Morty's Café  702 E St George Blvd, St. George, UT


They have several options to choose from when you want a burger but I decided to just go with the basic Iconic Burger.


I was getting pretty full at this point so I opted for no fries or sides, but I know they are delicious. I still haven't tried the scone fries though.


I got this burger to-go. The thing about Morty's is you can totally taste the flame grilling on this burger. Plenty of sauce and melty cheese.


Just plan ole good, and worth the wait. The line is pretty much always there, but moves fast.

And in 1st Place for Iron County is Brick House Café  86 S Main St, Cedar City, UT


Out of the top recommendations we received, their burger was the juiciest, perfectly done, delicious burger in southern Utah hands down.


All of their burgers start with 1/3 pound fresh ground Black Angus chuck and sirloin. I opted for the Jalapeno Business Burger. OH MY GOSH is was divine.  I did get the jalapeno jam and the cream cheese jalapeno spread on the side to add on myself but I could have ordered as is. It was so good.


It comes with steak fries and fry sauce or ranch to dip in. Although not my first pick of fries, they were done perfectly.


The whole meal was amazing and they even split the meal for us when we said we were gonna share. Gourmet Burger at a place that didn't even flinch when we said we were sharing. Just remember to leave a great tip.


 I saw this wall too late but I am going to leave room for dessert next time.

And in 1st Place for Washington County is triple TJ's Café 1141 State St, Hurricane, UT


We were running to make it to this restaurant and we called ahead to see if it was OK to come so close to closing time. They told us, no worries and that they would, 'take care of us.' ♥ And they did. It was a great dining experience.


This is a homey little restaurant tucked into the corner of a strip mall.  As suggested I tried the Reuben Burger and it did not disappoint.


Good heavens this was a lot of delicious burger as well. It was juicy and done to perfection. You could taste all of the ingredients and it was a great combo. The service was impeccable. Thank you for serving us a little too late.♥


Oh and the fries were great and I ordered a raspberry lemonade and it was refillable!!!! Another WIN!

What I learned-

Southern Utah is home to  A TON of great restaurants and delicious burgers. I would totally recommend doing your own Burger Round-up Tour Weekend.  Grab a date or some friends and enjoy. Sampling is my favorite and this was a blast.

Watch for more food tours coming soon! Next up: The Southern Utah Pizza Tour.

To make your recommendations for the BEST Pizza in all of Southern Utah email me here:

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