It's smart to be mindful of where you stash important stuff. I have no idea why anyone would be carrying anything around like your Social Security card, but the Feds are warning us to get it out of your wallet if that is where you keep it. Scams are through the roof!

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Tossing it in your wallet might not be the safest move, especially if your wallet likes to disappear on you. Storing it somewhere secure and not obvious is the best idea, as long as you don't forget where  you put it, like all of those Christmas presents that you find 3 months later.

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Smart wallets are one solution to this problem, they come with apps that can track them down with your smartphone. So, if your wallet's pulling a vanishing act, you've got a counter move to find it. Also, making a habit of checking where you keep your important stuff can be a game-changer.

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Keeping up with the best practices for securing personal info is key. Your proactive approach to wallet safety is a step in the right direction. And let's talk about scams—they're like party crashers, especially during the holiday season when we're all a bit more vulnerable.

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Carrying around sensitive docs like your Social Security card makes you a target for identity theft or scams. Be in the know about the risks and take action to secure your personal info. Here are some extra tips to keep the scammers at bay:

  1. Keep it light: Only carry what you really need. Leave the extras, like your Social Security card, tucked away safely at home.
  2. Stay sharp: Watch out for sketchy emails, calls, or messages asking for your personal info. Legit folks won't bug you through those channels.
  3. Lock it down: Beef up your online account passwords, especially for the important stuff. Two-factor authentication? Yeah, consider turning that on.
  4. Play detective: Check your bank and credit card statements regularly. If something fishy pops up, tell your bank ASAP.
  5. Be the wise owl: Learn about common scams and how scammers operate. Knowledge is your secret weapon against falling for their tricks.

Stay sharp, stay informed, and share the knowledge with your crew. Protecting your personal info, especially that Social Security Number, is no joke. And kudos for keeping it safe, especially when you need it for things like snagging a passport. It's all about being one step ahead and not letting those scammers crash the party.

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How Well Are Utahns Doing At Life? Interesting Results!

'Doing well at life' is a pretty personal thing, right? We all have our own ideas of what success looks like. In Utah 'Keeping up with the Joneses' is still very much a thing. It's important to note that not everyone in Utah behaves this way, and the desire to maintain a certain image or façade can vary from person to person.

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Info I read on "Utah ranked first among states with the highest rates of happiness, in a new WalletHub study... Out of a total possible score of 100 points, Utah scored 69.79 points, followed by Hawaii at 66.42, Maryland at 64.62, Minnesota at 62.82, New Jersey at 61.98, Connecticut at 60.68, and California at 60.53."

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Utah came in 1st ahead of Hawaii!!! But what about our perfectionist complex? Perfection is not attainable nor is it attractive. No really! People actually relate to and form bonds better with people who willingly try and fail and don't pretend they have zero imperfections. Pheeew! That's a relief. I have plenty of imperfections that I don't want to bother hiding. 


Some people may feel the need to maintain appearances due to external factors like the need to impress employers, colleagues, or social circles. But those that can break away from this way of thinking can still thrive in Utah.

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Here are some simple questions to ask yourself, to gauge if you are 'Doing Well in Life':

  1.  Are you breathing?
  2. Do you have a roof over your head?
  3. Have you eaten today?
  4. Do you have clean water available to you?
  5. Do you have clothes to wear?
  6. Do you have somewhere to bathe?
  7. Do you wish well on others?
  8. Does anyone care for you?
  9. Do you forgive others?
  10. Do you smile at others?

You don't have to have all of these things. If you have more than 5, you are doing better than half of the world, and that is totally insane to try and comprehend. If you have most of these, try to spread the good that you can.

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Here are some signs that you're doing okay in both your personal and professional life:

Feeling Happy and Fulfilled:

  • Do you wake up in the morning excited about what the day holds?
  • Do your family and friends bring joy and support into your life?
  • How's your emotional and mental well-being?

Nailing Your Goals:

  • Have you set some goals that actually matter to you?
  • Are you making progress, even if it's little by little?
  • Have you achieved some of those goals and felt that sense of accomplishment?

Financial Peace:

  • Are you financially stable, not constantly over-extended on credit or buying things you don't NEED?
  • Do you have a budget or some financial plan going on?
  • Can you enjoy some of life's simple pleasures without feeling the need to constantly buy something?

Remember, success is a personal journey. What matters most is that you're content and working toward the things that mean the most to you.

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Utah's most wanted

Here Is The List Of Utah's Most Wanted Criminals

I had no idea that there was still a most wanted criminal list and I also didn't know that the list included pictures. When the arrest listings page took off all of the pictures in Southern Utah, plenty of people were mad because looking at it after the weekend is what they did to get through their Monday morning.

The lists I found online weren't numbered, just references of individuals accused of a myriad of offenses. Most information online will not give you all of the offenses or whether or not the fugitive is related to a string of crimes. You have to do your own detective work to know if the criminal in your state is also the same as the FBI listing under another name.

Most counties have a running list of people they are searching for, but the list of offenses are more disturbing than you would think. Most of them are sexual in nature which for some, can lead to a lifetime of trying to overcome the trauma.

Warning- sensitive and disturbing information listed as charges.


This is a list of the most wanted in Northern Utah at the moment. Wanted individuals SHOULD NOT be arrested based solely on the information contained in this list. For warrant verification, or if you have information pertaining to any of these individuals, call Utah County Sheriff's Office at 801-851-4034 or send us an email. Click on photo for details.



Age: 38
Charges: 76-5-402 - ATTEMPTED RAPE 1st Degree Felony

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Utah County Most Wanted VAZQUEZ, JOSE


Age: 42
Charges: 76-5-403(2) - FORCIBLE SODOMY 1st Degree Felony 76-5-404 - FORCIBLE SEXUAL ABUSE 2nd Degree Felony 76-5-402 - RAPE 1st Degree Felony

Read More
Utah County Most Wanted RODRIGUEZ, FERNANDO


Age: 29
Charges: Charge 1 - 76-5B-201 - SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF A MINOR - 2nd Degree Felony Charge 2 - 76-5-401.2(2)(B)(II) - UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONDUCT W/ 16-17 YEAR OLD -GENITALS - 3rd Degree Felony Charge 3 - 76-5-401.2(2)(B)(II) - UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONDUCT W/ 16-17 YEAR OLD -GENITALS - 3rd Degree Felony Charge 4 - 76-5-401.2(2)(B)(IV) - UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONDUCT W/ 16-17 YR-OLD -INDECENT LIBERTIES - Class A Misdemeanor Charge 5 - 76-5-401.2(2)(B)(IV) - UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONDUCT W/ 16-17 YR-OLD -INDECENT LIBERTIES - Class A Misdemeanor Charge 6 - 76-10-1206(1) - DEALING IN MATERIALS HARMFUL TO MINOR - 3rd DegreeFelony Charge 7 - 76-10-1206(1) - DEALING IN MATERIALS HARMFUL TO MINOR - 3rd DegreeFelony Charge 8 - 76-10-1206(1) - DEALING IN MATERIALS HARMFUL TO MINOR - 3rd DegreeFelony

Read More

Here is information for Southern Utah- Washington County Utah:

Washington County MOST WANTED

Should you know the whereabouts of these individuals or have information that might lead to their arrest, please contact your local law enforcement agency or the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, (740) 376-7070, extension 0. You may also provide information anonymously here.

Who is the most wanted gangster right now?

For a list of Utah's Most Wanted on the FBI list click here.

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