With all of the rain we've been getting lately in Southern Utah, we will have and enormous amount of "weeds." But did you know some of them have more nutrients than some of the veggies and leafy greens that we rely on to get our vitamins and minerals?
If there was a disaster and we couldn't get food shipped in, we could still survive! There are edibles and weeds all over with major life sustaining nutrients.
Wild Spinach AKA- Goose Foot, Lamb's Quarters and Chenopodium Album, grows all over Utah and packs a healthy punch. It is one of the most nutritious plants that grows wild in a lot of the Utah growing zones.
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It is actually more nutritious than the regular spinach we buy in our stores. I want to go foraging and find some to plant in my garden.
If you like chard or spinach, then you'll love the flavor of Lamb's Quarters. It has a rich mineral taste.
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Lamb's Quarters is a leafy green and is actually classified as a “weed.”

This wonder weed is high in fiber & protein. It also has a ton of Vitamin A and C. It is high in manganese, calcium and copper. It has some iron and is high in both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.
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Lamb's Quarters is a plant that can grow upwards of 5 feet tall. Leaves are dull and pale green, egg shaped and sometimes a little sharper angles. The leaves are about 2/5 to 2 inches long, and have thin stalks that are about half as long as the leaf.

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Heat up some cooking oil and throw the Lamb's Quarters in briefly, then add some eggs and herbs.

Add it to some cream cheese with salt and herbs to make a wild spinach dip.
Doesn't it feel good to know that we have some healthy plants growing in the wild?
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