Judging a book by its cover is USUALLY a terrible idea! But Just because it's a bad idea, doesn't mean it's not also TOTALLY EFFECTIVE! It's a little bit like stereotyping. If you stereotype, and it's completely true... does that make it wrong? Well in this case, stereotyping is RIGHT! Here are the names of girls in Southern Utah that you want to stay away from JUST BASED ON THEIR NAMES!


i cant even crazy girl GIF

If her name is Crystal or Krystal, or maybe even Cristal... Stay away! She's a wild one. She's probably really pretty, but also probably loves the Devil's Lettuce!


Car Driving GIF by ION Mystery

Tiff will DEFINITELY slash your tires. She's got big hair, and goes heavy on the makeup!


Vintage Cutting GIF by LA Fashion Festival

ANY SPELLING of Brittany will do on this one. She gets you QUICK with her good looks. She's pretty, right? But that's when she SNAPS, and before you know it your clothes are on the front lawn.


Season 2 Yellowjackets GIF by SHOWTIME

When dating a Stephanie, be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night to her on your phone going through your texts from 2015, making herself angry over ANYTHING!


Dinner Party Mafs GIF by Married At First Sight

LOOK OUT FOR SHANNON! She usually MEGA photoshops her face in every picture, and might even key your car!


Stalking Overly Attached Girlfriend GIF by Warner Music NZ

Christina has some EDGE, baby! This girl has fire and things will be great. Then suddenly... The cops show up and you've got to sleep on your friends couch for a few days.


Crazyexgirlfriend GIF by Rachel Bloom

The crazier she is, the shorter her name becomes! Jessica is mildly crazy, then here comes Jessie, then LOOK OUT if she goes by Jess! If she ever goes by "J"... Just run, my guy.


Spying I Know GIF by Loryn Powell

Usually when they're named after cities, that's a BIG red flag! Cheyenne is the same way, but for some reason she's ALWAYS a little bit country. Let's just call Cheyenne "Big Country"!

If you know a girl that has ANY of the mentioned names! Send this to them and make them laugh!

Gif Credit: Giphy.com

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