Many people believe Texas is the biggest state, and Hawaii is the smallest. Those people are WRONG! States are measured by their square miles. Have you ever wondered which states are the biggest? Utah ALMOST made the TOP 10 for BIGGEST STATES in the Country!

USA's TOP 15 BIGGEST STATES (per square miles):

  1. Alaska: (586,000 square miles)
  2. Texas: (261,232 square miles)
  3. California: (155,959 square miles)
  4. Montana: (145,552 square miles)
  5. New Mexico: (121,298 square miles)
  6. Arizona: (113,594 square miles)
  7. Nevada: (109,781 square miles)
  8. Colorado: (103,641 square miles)
  9. Wyoming: (97,093 square miles)
  10. Oregon: (95,988 square miles)
  11. Idaho: (82,643 square miles)
  12. Utah: (82,169 square miles)
  13. Kansas: (81,758 square miles)
  14. Minnesota: (79,626 square miles)
  15. Nebraska: (76,824 square miles)

USA's TOP 15 SMALLEST STATES (per square miles):

35. Ohio: (40,860 square miles)
36. Virginia: (39,490 square miles)
37. Kentucky: (39,486 square miles)
38. Indiana: (35,826 square miles)
39. Maine: (30,842 square miles)
40. South Carolina: (30,060 square miles) 
41. West Virginia (24,038 square miles) 
42. Maryland: (9,707 square miles)
43. Vermont: (9,216 square miles)
44. New Hampshire: (8,952 square miles) 
45. Massachusetts: (7,800 square miles) 
46. New Jersey: (7,354 square miles)
47. Hawaii: (6,422 square miles)
48. Connecticut: (4,842 square miles)
49. Delaware: (1,948 square miles)
50. Rhode Island: (1,033 square miles)


  1. Alaska: 586,000 square miles
  2. Texas: 261,232 square miles
  3. California: 155,959 square miles
  4. Montana: 145,552 square miles
  5. New Mexico: 121,298 square miles
  6. Arizona: 113,594 square miles
  7. Nevada: 109,781 square miles
  8. Colorado: 103,641 square miles
  9. Wyoming: 97,093 square miles
  10. Oregon: 95,988 square miles
  11. Idaho: 82,643 square miles
  12. Utah: 82,169 square miles
  13. Kansas: 81,758 square miles
  14. Minnesota: 79,626 square miles
  15. Nebraska: 76,824 square miles
  16. South Dakota: 75,811 square miles
  17. North Dakota: 69,000 square miles
  18. Missouri: 68,741 square miles
  19. Oklahoma: 68,594 square miles
  20. Washington: 66,455 square miles
  21. Georgia: 57,513 square miles
  22. Michigan: 56,538 square miles
  23. Iowa: 55,857 square miles
  24. Illinois: 55,518 square miles
  25. Wisconsin: 54,157 square miles
  26. Florida: 53,624 square miles
  27. Arkansas: 52,035 square miles
  28. Alabama: 50,645 square miles
  29. North Carolina: 48,617 square miles
  30. New York: 47,126 square miles
  31. Mississippi: 46,923 square miles
  32. Pennsylvania: 44,742 square miles
  33. Louisiana: 43,203 square miles
  34. Tennessee: 41,234 square miles
  35. Ohio: 40,860 square miles
  36. Virginia: 39,490 square miles
  37. Kentucky: 39,486 square miles
  38. Indiana: 35,826 square miles
  39. Maine: 30,842 square miles
  40. South Carolina: 30,060 square miles
  41. West Virginia 24,038 square miles
  42. Maryland: 9,707 square miles
  43. Vermont: 9,216 square miles
  44. New Hampshire: 8,952 square miles
  45. Massachusetts: 7,800 square miles
  46. New Jersey: 7,354 square miles
  47. Hawaii: 6,422 square miles
  48. Connecticut: 4,842 square miles
  49. Delaware: 1,948 square miles
  50. Rhode Island: 1,033 square miles

One thing that caught my eye was how TINY Rhode Island is... at 1,033 square miles, it's less than half the size of Washington County! WOW!

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Deadly: If You See These Insects In Utah... RUN!


Screw bugs! Screw all of them.

I'm not an insect guy, whatsoever. I'm not going to touch one, I don't want to see them, GROSS! However, here in Utah there are a lot of insects that we have to deal with everyday. But a lot of us didn't know that we also have 6 of the world's DEADLIEST insects in Utah right now!

1. Mosquito:


The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls mosquitos "The World's Deadliest Animal." Each year, mosquitos kill more than 700,000 people! With us being near the virgin river, mosquitoes are rampant! Buy that bug spray!

2. The Kissing Bug:


The Kissing Bug aka the Conenus Bug kill more than 10,000 people each year. They're found in Duchesne, Garfield, Grand, Kane, Uintah, Wayne, and Washington counties.

3. Bees:


Utah is the Beehive State, but not because we have an influx of bees or beehives but because Utah represents perseverance and industry. Bees are no joke though, each year they're responsible for an average of 70 deaths per year. What's interesting about that stat is, of all deaths by bees, 80% of males. So fellas, if you see a swarm of bees, hightail it out of there.

4. Black Widow Spider:


Each year there's over 2,500 bites reported in the United States. Of those 2,500 bites, only 4-8 people die. But it's easy to if it's a Black Widow by their black bodies and enormous red behinds.

5. Ants:


You may think "Who dies from an ant bite?" and I'm wondering the same thing. However, around 30 people die from ant bites every year! The Fire Ant is the most dangerous ant, by far. If you've ever been bit by a Fire Ant, you can definitely feel it. That little animal packs a BIG punch!

6. Ticks:


Every time I see someone taking family photos in a corn field, or flower field I always imagine the amount of ticks that are absolutely thrilled you're there! However, ticks don't kill EVERYONE they bite. It's not their bite that kills, but the diseases you can get FROM the ticks that kill. Diseases like Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, Spotted Fever Rickettsiosis, and Ehrlichiosis.

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LOOK OUT! Southern Utah Perverts Love These Parks

attachment-perverts parks stg.

Have you ever been to a park and noticed a PERVERT? If you've been to enough parks, you're bound to find some! Now, I'm sure ALL the parks in Southern Utah have had some sort of sexual activity happen there, but here are the top ones that I know of!

Here are the Local parks that the perverts have been spotted at!

Tonaquint Park:


The Tonaquint Park is right next to the Thunder Junction All Abilities Park, and before Thunder Junction was built this was a hotspot for sexual activity. This park, however, had a very unique twist. It was a gay romance hot spot. There's a newspaper in town called "The Pioneer Shopper." The way this scheme worked went like this: If you wanted some man on man romance, you'd walk around the Tonaquint Park holding a Pioneer Shopper newspaper. If you spotted someone else walking with a Pioneer Shopper, that meant "MEET UP IN THE BATHROOM!" and that's where it all went down! The scheme was brought down by police in a sting operation, and the rest is history!

Thunder Junction:

attachment-thunder juction

Thunder Junction is one of the coolest parks in town, if not THEE COOLEST PARK in town. There's a volcano, slides, swings, a small water park, and even a train! However, in 2022, there was a situation where a man went to the park and was exposing himself to children. He was chased down by parents and police arrested the pervert! Thank goodness for the parents ready to fight a pervert!

JC Snow Park:

attachment-jc snow

This park used to be EXTREMELY hidden in St. George, but not anymore. It's the park located right next to Fiesta Fun, and the St. George Skate Park. I've been to this park before and there's always people alone in their cars acting suspect. A friend of mine was once parked in the parking lot, and was approached by a man asking if he wanted to "Go for a walk together" that's code for pervert talk for sure! Maybe not... But now that the park is so easily accessible, I think the perverts have looked for other places to be.

Vernon Worthen Park:


Vernon Worthen is the biggest park in town, and probably the most popular. It's located on Flood Street near the Rec Center, St. George Temple, and Sun Bowl. There's a HUGE field of grass and bathrooms which could be a pervert's wonderland. Sometime in 2011 during a picnic, I witnessed a man and woman under a blanket ABSOLUTELY DOING IT! It was broad daylight. COME ON, PERVERTS!

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