The Utah Wildlife Board is the group that makes the final decisions about hunting and fishing along with how wildlife is managed in the state of Utah. In August of 2023, two of the board members, Kevin Albrecht and Karl Hirst, will come to the end of six years of service and will be leaving the board. Members of the public who are interested in serving on the Utah Wildlife Board are being encouraged to fill these two positions. Board members are appointed by the governor, but any resident of the state of Utah can submit an application for consideration. The application period for the to open positions will be from January 1st, 2023 through March 31st at 5PM. A college degree is not required to serve on the Utah Wildlife Board. Applicants will need to list any organizations or associations they have been members of during the previous 5 years. Because each region of the state must have representation on the board, one of the vacancies will need to be filled by someone from the southeastern region of the state. The other vacancy will be filled by someone from anywhere outside the northern region. The members the governor will select will serve for one six year term. Board members are encouraged to attend public meetings of the Wildlife Regional Advisory Council in their respective regions. Board members will also attend about six public board meetings held each year in Farmington. These posistions are unpaid, and board members are not employees of the State of Utah. The Utah Wildlife Board Nominating Committee, an eleven member committee appointed by the governnor, will review applicants and select candidates to interview. They will forward their recommendations to the governor. If you want to apply to become a board member go to This website will not be available until January 1st.

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