Every year on the 4th of July, 911 receives DOZENS of calls from people in regards to fireworks. Many of the calls should NOT take place. Here's the best reasons TO call 911 and the best reasons TO NOT call 911 this Independence Day.

If firework debris is landing in your yard... DO NOT CALL:

If your house is on fire... CALL:

If the fireworks are keeping your husband awake... DO NOT CALL:

If you cannot wake your husband AT ALL... CALL:

If your neighbor is firing off fireworks from his behind... DO NOT CALL:

If your neighbor blew off his behind from a firework... CALL:

The kids down the street are lighting fireworks... DO NOT CALL:

The kids down the street are lighting PIPE BOMBS... CALL:

If you see bombs bursting in air... DO NOT CALL:

If you see body parts bursting in air... CALL!

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St. George's BEST Viewing Spots For 4th Of July Fireworks!


If you're not at Utah Tech's Football Stadium watching Kelsea Ballerini and the fireworks show, here are the BEST locations to watch the fireworks across St. George!

Up by the old airport:


This one will give you a great viewing angle, but it's probably going to be ABSOLUTELY PACKED up there. Luckily there's now a road going down on the WEST side of the old airport hill. So be sure to use that as a getaway and you won't be stuck in traffic all night.

Up on Red Hills Drive: 

attachment-redhills parkway

This one will for sure have a ton of people there, so you need to make sure you get a car parked there EARLY! Maybe even a day in advance! But this might be the BEST viewing spot in town.

Up on Foremaster Ridge:

attachment-foremaster 2

I did this one last year. It's a good viewing angle, but it's a little farther away than I'd like to be. Once again, tons of people will be up here, so make sure you get your chairs or cars there early! You'll also probably have people in this neighborhood upset you're there... but screw em! It's the Fourth of July BABY!

Parked on the WEST side of Foremaster Ridge:

attachment-park foremaster

This is actually not a terrible idea. People will definitely have this idea though, so think early and think ahead! Good viewing angle, especially if you have a truck bed to be in. The closer to the top, the better!

The Testing Center at Utah Tech (Near Swig):

attachment-testing center

I've done this one before a couple years ago, and it's a pretty great spot. HOWEVER... the apartments between you and the fireworks block a tiny bit of the view. But you can pull some chairs out there and sit down! It will be fun!

This parking lot on Utah Tech campus:

attachment-college lot

I did this one maybe... 5 years ago? Most of the viewing angles are blocked, but if you just look to the sky, you'll still catch all the big ones! Be careful though, you're very close and might catch some debris!

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