Becoming a great driver involves a mix of skills and attitudes that go beyond just handling a vehicle. Think of it as a blend of responsibility, focus, patience, quick thinking, and adaptability. In Utah we apparently have "IT!"

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A Media Base Study reports that Utah ranks #1 for Best State To Drive In The U.S. "A new analysis of the best and worst states to drive in the U.S. suggests that New York is at the bottom of the list, while Utah ranks at the top with 80% of roads in acceptable condition, leading to a final score of 85."  Nevada came in number 2 and Hawaii came in number 3. You can see the whole list here:

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So what was some of the criteria? Infrastructure, commute costs, traffic fatalities, weather conditions, safety, and traffic congestion.

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Utah takes the cake for being one of the best states to drive in across the country. It's got wide-open spaces, not-too-crowded cities, and fewer people around, making it a driver's paradise.

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Here are some key components from Mechanic Base:

  • Utah ranks 1st overall thanks to having the lowest congestion (4.2), fatalities (8.7/100k), gas prices (4.2 USD/ltr), and high road quality. New York comes last with heavy traffic, poor infrastructure, and high costs.

In comparison to other studied areas Utah has: low gas prices, hardly any traffic jams, and quick commutes—we've got it all! Plus, it's one of the safest places on the road with very few accidents. The roads here? Top-notch! We all like to complain about the winter potholes that can eventually swallow a car, but in comparison, our roads rule!

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Some of us brave the winter conditions and try not to hit those people that think that they don't have to make it to freeway speeds by the time the freeway ramp ends. Others of us drive in areas with roundabouts and find no reason to figure out how they work, or claim the left lane as "ours" and decide that if others want to "go way beyond the speed limit then they can go around me!"

But all-in-all we've got it pretty good.

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If you need to brush up on your driving skills here are some great ideas:

Staying alert and focused is like a superpower for a driver. It's about keeping your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and your mind on the task at hand. Steering clear of distractions like phones or multitasking is crucial because, let's be real, a split second of distraction can lead to trouble.

Now, patience is truly a virtue, especially when you're stuck in traffic or dealing with unexpected road closures. Great drivers keep their cool, avoiding road rage like it's their personal mission. It's all about taking a deep breath, staying calm, and not letting the stress get the better of you.

Quick decision-making is another ace up the sleeve of an excellent driver. Sometimes you need to make split-second choices, like when to change lanes or how to navigate through a sudden downpour. Being able to assess situations and react smartly is key.

And finally, being adaptable is like being a chameleon on the road. You need to adjust to changing conditions—be it the weather, different types of roads, or varying traffic patterns. Flexibility keeps you and others safe.

So, being a great driver is this fantastic blend of skills and attitudes that not only keep you safe but make the whole driving experience better for everyone sharing the pavement with you!

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Aaronee LOVES the country lifestyle. She has a great little farm with Alpacas, goats, dogs, cats and chickens! So yes, some.....stuff on her boots. ;) Aaronee's playlist has everything from Reba & Brooks & Dunn to Rascal Flatts & Garth to Miranda Lambert & Laney Wilson to Kane Brown & Morgan Wallen. She loves them all. ♥ Get her some chips and salsa or tater tots and a root beer float and she is set. She loves chatting on social media so make sure to hit her up on the Cat Country Utah Facebook page!

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What gets stolen the most at Utah Walmart's?

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It makes all of our prices go up. It get my blood boiling. I'll breathe and you can read. Here is the list of the top 8:

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  1. - Cosmetics
    Y'know, there are some real good drugstore brands out there, but swiping stuff like lipstick, mascara, compacts, and hair dye, isn't the way to go.
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2 - Small Electronics
When it comes to small electronics, from basic watches to fancy smartphones and headphones, folks seem to eye those a lot.

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3 - Toys
Toys like Hot Wheels or Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Magic the Gathering cards disappear a lot.

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4 - Over the Counter Medication
Now, for some reason, people nab pain relievers the most, followed by laxatives and pet meds. You'd think with self check out people wouldn't be so embarrassed to buy laxatives, ooo but there is a camera at self check out. hahahah

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5 - Food
Interesting fact- packaged meat is reported as the most shoplifted item in America. Also on the list is baby food, deli stuff, alcohol, and noodle packets.

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6 - Intimate Items
At the top of the lists mentioning the stolen goods at Walmart are things like pregnancy tests, condoms, and adult toys are apparently top targets.

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7 - Apparel and Accessories
You won't believe it, but underwear gets swiped a lot from Walmart, along with shoes, hats, handbags, and sunglasses.

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8 - Jewelry
I thought rings would be high on the list but apparently earrings, necklaces and bracelets take the top spots.

 Stealing is dumb and it raises the prices for those that do have some morals left. With the influx of people moving to our state, some of the things Utah was known for, are seemingly going out the window. Petty crime rates are going up. Be honest and don't take things that don't belong to you. If you notice anything suspicious, please report it. Remember to be safe! It's better to tell the store staff or the authorities rather than trying to deal with it on your own.

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