We've already had some snowfall across Utah, but what is to come? When will we get dumped on? We have had a pittance of the moisture that came last winter. I keep hearing that lots of rain, snow and balmy temperatures are forecasted this winter because it's an El Nino year. Well, where is it?

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It's expected that this season the bigger amounts of snow will come in January & February 2024

Here is what is What the Farmers Almanac has forecasted for Utah:

Southwest -Forecast for Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah: An El Niño could lead to "copious amounts of rain and snow across the entire Southwest," the Almanac forecasts. The Pacific Coast can expect a "stormy, snowy, and wet" second week of January followed, in the first week of February, by "heavy mountain snows" that will cover the western U.S., it forecasts.- Famers' Advance

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So I guess we are just waiting non patiently......When will winter end? Winter temps and precipitation may hold on till early spring, with a possibility of snow during the first part of April. (We'll have to see what the groundhog has to say.)

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I haven't had a massage is a long while and I am so glad Body Revive reached out to help me out. My hips are doing weird things ever since I had kids. Body Revive to the rescue. Check out these pics!


The business is VERY clean but not devoid of calm energy. It feels light and comfortable. 


Products to check out and the massage beds was..... oh so good!


They had weighted blankets and the bed was heated to my comfort level. I felt like I was being taken care of. It was so nice.


You can sit in the Zen room and enjoy some tea and relax.  


Sometime you go to get a massage and pa per yourself and you just aren't totally prepared, but Body Revive has you covered. 


They also have a float pool that I an excited to try out. It has so much salt and magnesium in it that you are totally buoyant.  Awesome. 


They also offer sauna services. You can check out pricing and services here:
Body Revive


The follow up was great as well. I left with a goodie bag. 


My shoulder has been tight so they gave me some manual therapy and a few samples of some stuff that would help. And it did! I felt heard and left feeling better.


So bottom line is you need to check this place out. It is a new year and this is the year that you need to focus a little more on taking care of yourself. I'm talking REALLY take care of yourself not just all of the superficial stuff. Massage IS health care. Your medical problems can be addressed and worked on. You CAN feel better. Body Revive has worked with members of the VA and have knowledge of how you can possibly get your massages covered. Call them today!

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