If you've ever listened or followed Cat Country Utah... You may know that we've changed our name a FEW TIMES over the past 7 years. We've been:

  • Cat Country Utah
  • New Country - 12 In A Row
  • Big Kickin' Country
  • Kickin' Country
  • Kickin'

The reason that names have changed so many times may surprise you. As far as I'm concerned, the name Kickin' Country was MAYBE to confuse people with KONY Country with a similar name.

But after a while, the confusion was hurting us more than it was helping us, so we started to push the name BIG Kickin' Country, with major emphasis the "BIG". Big trucks, big stars, big music sets, and big prizes.

After Big Kickin' Country, I left the station and moved to Minnesota for another radio job. While I was gone, our company hired Marty Lane from KONY Country and decided to rebrand the station as New Country - 12 In A Row. People were VERY CONFUSED on this name change, and it didn't last very long.

After a couple years of New Country - 12 In A Row, a name change was due ONCE AGAIN... And suddenly, Cat Country Utah was born.

Truth be told, I was NOT a fan of the name Cat Country. I felt like it lacked excitement and flair. But it has now grown on me and I think it will be Cat Country Utah for a good long while now. Maybe forever.

If we were to change names for the station again, here are MY TOP THREE PICKS:

Bigfoot Country:

This is a lot of fun for Southern Utah, and it's kind of country and redneck. That's fun.

King Country:

This one might be my favorite. It shows dominance, and you can do so much with it. Plus, who doesn't LOVE Kings, Queens, and Knights?! It's so cool.

The Jungle:

This one is fun because it's just wild, and different, and you can always have different animal sounds. That's unique. Plus, you can be totally weird and it will fit!



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