It's no secret that TONS of people are moving to St. George! Warm weather, barely any rainy days, a good job market, natural beauty, outdoor activities, and SO MANY MORE reasons! But do you know the ACTUAL population of Southern Utah towns? I was shocked St. George's population was SO HIGH!

St. George, 108,000:

I always thought St. George was in the 75,000 area. And I guess that was true... a few years ago! St. George has added over 12,000 residence since the start of the pandemic! That put us over that 100,000 mark for the first time ever. In 1980, we only had 11,000 residents, and we're projected to have 140,000 residents by the end of this decade!

Washington City, 36,000:

Even Washington has exploded. Washington is now the size St. George was in the year 1995! That's pretty wild to think! Washington isn't just farmland anymore, baby! It's growing!

Hurricane,  25,000:

H-town used to be a tiny, little podunk place! But not anymore. They're growing A TON out there. So many people are moving to Hurricane! They've had a 26% jump in residents just since the pandemic! They're now the size that St. George was in about 1988.

Ivins 10,000:

I remember when Ivins was SO FAR AWAY, and NOBDOY lived out there. I thought it was all Reservations when I was a kid, but now Ivins has finally hit the 10,000 residents mark! They've jumped a whole 16% since 2020!

Santa Clara, 8,500:

One of Southern Utah's cutest towns is Santa Clara. It feels like a place your grandma would live. Very safe, very quiet, very cute. That should be their motto over there at Santa Clara!

Washington County, 198,000:

As an entire county, Washington County is ALMOST at the 200,000 mark! That is HUGE. We're growing so fast.  We've jumped 40% since 2010, and we're expected to be around 300,000 by the end of the 2020's. Get ready!

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