Who doesn't LOVE salsa? EVERYONE loves Salsa! Nico's Fresh is Famous Fresh Salsa out of Utah! The Barber family (Nico and Lindsi) started this company after Nico served his mission in Argentina 20 years ago and was struggling to find ANYTHING spicy. He ran into a Chilean woman with a garden full of jalapeño and cilantro. He was excited and decided to create his own food with some heat! That's where his salsa recipe was born and he's been perfecting the recipe ever since!

Fast forward to this summer, Nico and his family decided to create a business with their salsa and they took off in northern Utah! They suddenly decided to do what ANY business should do... MOVE! Nico, his wife Lindsi and their four kids all packed up and moved to St. George! Nico's Fresh Salsa is a TOTAL Utah and Family company!


I got both their salsas for this review. Their original, and their sweet mango salsa! 


I'm a weirdo about salsa though... I DO NOT like it chunky. I don't want big chucks of tomatoes, onions, or peppers. NO THANKS! And thank heavens, Nico's Fresh Salsa is JUST how I like salsa. It's blended and I'm not getting huge chunks of vegetables!

The original salsa has some kick but it's DEFINITELY not super spicy! It's very tangy! I fully expected this salsa to be my favorite... But then I tried the Mango salsa! Like the original, it wasn't overpowering or TOO sweet! It was a perfect sweet-spot.


For two mornings at work, I spent HOURS eating chips and salsa and I didn't regret a second of it. One little thing that I did, that I LOVED... I mixed a bit of BOTH SALSAS into one, and it was A DREAM on my tastebuds! It was tangy, but sweet, but spicy... absolutely glorious!

Review: 9/10.

Likelihood of going back: 10/10.

If you want to try Nico's Fresh Salsa, find them online at NicosFresh.Com. They're also on Instagram at @NicosFresh. You'll also be able to catch them at the Downtown Farmer's Market here in St. George!

"Started as a missionary in Argentina who missed salsa, decided to create his own!"

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