It feels like we have PIN Numbers for a lot of things now. Your credit/debit card, your phone, computers, safes, or even crypto. However, If you were to try to break into someone's phone or bank account, do you think you could accurately guess their PIN Numbers?


These are Utah's TOP 10 MOST COMMON PIN Numbers:

  1. 1234
  2. 1111
  3. 0000
  4. 1212
  5. 7777
  6. 1004
  7. 2000
  8. 4444
  9. 2222
  10. 6969

According to experts, when choosing a PIN number, you should stay away from dates, numbers with patterns, repetition of numbers, or the column of the keypad (2580). But the experts have even said some of the BEST and SAFEST PIN Numbers to use.

These are the 4 SAFEST PIN Numbers to use, statistically speaking:

  1. 8068
  2. 7637
  3. 6835
  4. 9629

These are the LEAST COMMON PIN Numbers:

  • 8557
  • 8438
  • 9539
  • 7063
  • 6827

Researchers have also found that a hacker could crack 1/3 of ALL PIN NUMBERS in just 61 guesses! If those same hackers got 426 chances, they could guess HALF of all PINs! WOW! 



Word Method:

Use the "Word Method". Remember how phone numbers also have corresponding letters attached to them? Like the word "BALL" would be 2255, or the word "FISH" would be 3474.

Fake Friend Method:

If you struggle remembering your PIN without writing it down, you can create a contact in your phone for a "friend" that doesn't actually exist. Like "Paul I. Nelson" (PIN). When you open Paul I. Nelson's contact, the phone number would be your actual PIN Number. Now you're safe if you forget it.

NEVER write your PIN Number down:

Statistically speaking, people usually keep their PIN Numbers for their safes fairly close to the actual safe, which is not smart.

NEVER use your birthday, or address:

If you ever lose your wallet, someone will have access to your card, as well as your ID that will show your birthday and home address.

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