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Prepping your yard and garden in the fall is crucial for a successful spring because it allows you to tackle needed tasks before the harsh winter sets in. Have you ever wanted to just demolish stuff? There is just something about ripping out dead plants that is satisfyingly.

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Clearing away dead foliage, weeding, and mulching can help prevent pests and diseases from overwintering in your garden. Pruning shrubs and trees in the fall encourages healthy growth come spring, and aerating the soil and adding compost improves its quality for planting. Plus, prepping in the fall saves you time and effort when the weather warms up, making a vibrant and thriving garden as soon as the first signs of spring emerge.

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Better Homes and Gardens says that you should complete the following tasks in your perennial garden in the fall:
  1. Remove weeds. Clear away as many as possible now so you have fewer to deal with next spring.
  2. Add mulch to insulate and keep moisture in.
  3. Plant spring-blooming bulbs now!
  4. Dispose of diseased or pest-ridden plants. Like get them out of your yard completely?
  5. Water once a week if dry.
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 According to Pennington the following fall tasks help cool-season lawns flourish:
  • Test your soil. Fall soil testing helps take the guesswork out of managing your lawn's soil pH and nutrition.
  • Feed your lawn.
  • Over-seed thin lawns.
  • Repair bare spots.
  • Remove excess thatch.
  • Aerate compacted soil.
  • Keep watering.
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