Southern Utah is super pet friendly. There are many businesses that not only love pets but love your pet too! I have 2 dogs and I have been trying to take care of my girl Bella, a nervous German Shepard/Great Pyrenees, and I thought a great idea was to take her on short drives to get a treat. What pup doesn't love a treat? 

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 I started trying to find out all of the businesses I could patron and get my cute pup a treat. I took to social media and man this list does not disappoint! There are TONS of places that give out treats and many that actually have items that you can order specifically for your pet. 


If you want to take your pet on a play date, you can take them out for a treat too! I've heard great things about Modern Pet. ♥


There are even places in town that cater to our fur babies. A puppacino at Blue Collar Coffee or chicken tenders with no seasonings at Jay Birds!


There are businesses that just have a bone or treat for your pet, just cause they love them too.


So many places that your pet is welcome and they probably have treats too! So spend some time showing your lovey pets that they are a highlight in your day. ♥ Here is a great list of really cool businesses that are known to have treats for your pets from Alisha:

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If there are some amazing businesses that I've miss, just let me know and I will make the additions/edits to this article. Email me here:

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